Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bookshelf introduction

This blog will be as much for me as for you. I've found in the past that it helps me to retain what I've read if I write down a few words about it, whenever I finish a book. But, if you're reading this and you're looking for recommendations, I'll make a few. Here's how I'll structure it.

Zero stars means, of course, don't bother. You won't see many of those because unless I'm in dire circumstances, I don't finish reading them.

One star means that I recommend it if you've got a strong interest in that subject area or genre.

Two stars means I recommend it if you are even slightly interested in the subject.

Three stars means I recommend it to everyone.

Four stars means I'll buy it for you myself, just read it for crying out loud.

I'll also make a note of it with an AB when I've "read" the audio format of the book. I think it still counts as reading, and there's nothing better for long drives. I go through a lot of audio books. But the details when I sit down to review them can be hazy, because I can't just pick up the book and flip to the part I'm thinking of, and quote it.


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